Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Times are changing........Digital Marketing makes use of electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, cellphones, digital billboards and game consoles to engage consumers and other business partners. Internet Marketing is a major component of digital marketing. For your company it is important to develop a marketing process which uses a variety of digital channels such as email, social media, video portfolios (see samples on left), 3D virtual tours, television, radio advertising, internet and mobile technologies to reach your customers in a timely, relevant, personal and very cost-effective manner. It also involves the use of digital display banners and signs and the production of your company profiles, magazines and books in digital format that can be uploaded for purchase or free distribution via newstands, app store and other outlets for tablets and smartphones including iPhone and Android. The list is endless and can be as simple as developing Email/Ezine Adds to reach existing and potential clients via email which can be so cost-effective. You can produce and distribute fresh email ad and email newsletters on a regular basis, Redsox Media can design and supply you with very affordable, effective designs for any campaign.

Digital Publishing


Save on Printing Costs. Why not also publish your book digitally. More companies are now opting to produce their Company Profiles, Magazines, Tourism Guides and Books in print and digital format, available for purchase or free distribution through the app store and other digital outlets for iPhone or Android.

Your Book or Magazine can now contain interactive material including live web pages, links to interesting facts and figures, video content and audio, and the best part is you can update it on a regular basis without incurring large print costs. Provide your customers with an amazing experience.......whatever your business has to offer.