Business Start up Training Course

Lightbulb Moments Training

Training Course for New Business / Event StartUps.

Unlike many business start-up courses which focus on financial planning, taxation and employment legislation this course focuses on the sales and marketing aspect of setting up a new business or event.  Many sole traders and small business owners find themselves having to manage their own sales and marketing due to lack of budget in the first few years. This course is there to provide a roadmap for new business owners and clarify what seems like a minefield of jargon associated with sales and marketing. It will also provide them with information on where to access supports from the time they have that initial ‘lightbulb moment’.
This course is aimed primarily at those who have had an idea for a business or event and need a starting point.
This course will provide guidance and direction on where to start, how to start, guidelines on developing a Logo, Branding, Print, Marketing Tools, Local Grant Sources and Supports available. It will provide insights into Web Development, Social Media and how to do all of this cost efficiently without incurring large set up costs.
This is a practical course that will give participants inside knowledge on the free tools and supports available along with a step by step approach to everything that needs to be done to get a business or event up and running even on a small budget.

Course Dates will be posted here CONTACT us to express interest